Pasture & Stall

We care deeply and passionate about our horses and take into consideration the horses natural and biological make-up and needs. With a variety of options tailored to give your horse optimum, quality care, all horses are monitored daily  for health and well being

Stall boarding and limited pasture boarding are available. Stalled horses have turn out time 7 days a week with the option of “hanging out” in a paddock or grazing in the pasture, individually or in a group/herd setting.  Groups are limited to a compatible level

Pasture horses are brought into the paddocks every day for grain and inspection and an endless supply of hay. We can provide full care for those individuals limited on the time it takes to completely care for their horse.  With  maintenance (i.e. worming, shots, teeth, etc) all horses are kept on the same schedule.


2020 Boarding Fees -

Pasture Board:

Instituting a “rotational graze program”, to encourage even grazing, reducing grazing damage, erosion while reducing the exposure to parasites, all horses have the opportunity to feast on a luscious grass/clover/Bermuda mix that are carefully monitored and fertilized.

20 acre large pasture used to produce grass and clover hay.  We call this our “winter pasture”- after haying season, we open it up for grazing, giving the rotation pastures time to “rest”

The pastures, with no horses, are open for riding.  We are fortunate to be surrounded by acres of trail riding. For those who love to just trail ride, several National and State parks are close to our farm, with miles and miles of riding. Wilson’s Creek Battlefield, is only a 5 minute drive away!!.

With over 30 years in the equine industry, we provide a well rounded education in all aspects of the industry.  Possessing education degrees in education agronomy , animal science, biology and agriculture, we stay updated on the newest most recent information in the field.

To provide a safe, welcoming environment for the rider and horse, we employ caring, experienced individuals

Stall Board:

Stall horses are turned out to pasture once a day. In the summer they stay in the barn during the day and turn out is at night. In the winter, they are turned out during the day and brought in at night. Stall horses are fed grain twice daily and provided quality hay. Water is monitored and filled by hand as needed through out the day. We do not offer automatic waters, as we believe water consumption should be monitored on each horse.


Located directly behind the stable are 4 paddocks containing free choice hay and fresh water.  One paddock does include a run in shed while the others are separated by trees and bushes for shade and protection

Additional FeesAdditional fees may be incurred for late payment, specialty care, holding fee for vet and farrier visits and other situations that require the staff to be present in place of the owner. 

Please call 417-838-4236 for details.