Pasture & Stall

Stokely Farms offers both pasture and stall with turn-out boarding on a limited basis. We provided individualized care and attention for each of the horses on the farm.We offer rotational grazing for our pasture horses, ensuring the grass is always greener! Our stall boarded horses can also expect to be turned out, in one of our 6 large pastures, for up to 8 hours of fresh air. Individualized needs are met when it comes to feeding, grooming, blanketing and special needs horses.The staff at Stokely Farms is personally familiar with each horse on the property, and can assure you, your horse will be receiving the best care possible. How can we be so certain? Well, it’s because everyone on our staff has at least one horse being boarded at the farm!Boarders can also expect perks! We offer tack lockers and the use of our arena and surrounding pastures & fields for trail rides, at no additional charge.

2013 Boarding Fees -

Pasture BoardHorses are brought up to the barn once a day to be fed grain. Pasture boarded horses spend a majority of their time grazing in the spacious pastures, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.  

Stall BoardStall horses are turned out to pasture once a day. In the summer they stay in the barn during the day and turn out is at night. In the winter, they are turned out during the day and brought in at night. Stall horses are fed grain twice daily and provided quality hay. Water is monitored and filled by hand as needed through out the day. We do not offer automatic waters, as we believe water consumption should be monitored on each horse.

Additional FeesAdditional fees may be incurred for late payment, specialty care, holding fee for vet and farrier visits and other situations that require the staff to be present in place of the owner. 

Please call 417-732-7412 for details.